Days of Norwegian Culture in Slaný
Dny norské kultury ve Slaném

Norwegian flag

Royal Town of Slaný • Královské město Slaný
31. 3—5. 4. 2003

3rd April Thursday 2003

1st to 5th April

Restaurant No. 89 in Slaný
Days of Norwegian kitchen in Restaurant No. 89
Week of Norwegian specialities organized by chef Michael Martin and his team.


Integrated Middle School in Slaný
Demonstration of Norwegian Meals Preparation
Demonstration of traditional Norwegian meals preparation will be presented by Ladislav Nodl — holder of the Medal of Cooks and Confectioners Association of the Czech Republic, holder of Medal of St. Lawrence with a golden chain and consultant of Czech representative teams in international culinary competitions.


Ikaros Gallery Antik in Slaný
Vernissage of photographs by the editor of the Czech TV Vladimír Vojíř and a discussion with the author and with an editor-in-chief of Northern Journal Michael Stanovský. The exhibition can be attended from the 31st March until 5th April 2003.

Colesbukta - Photography by Vladimír Vojíř VLADIMÍR VOJÍŘ graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University (1978) and from the Faculty of Journalism of the Charles University (1987). Nowadays he is employed by the Czech TV as a chief of co-productions of documentary films. He is a member of several organisations (International WHO'S WHO of Professionals, Severská společnost, Praha, VAJAN5 International — founding member), he lectured in Oslo, Budapest and in Krakow. He produced themes to TV documents and series — Maelström melancholie (Mælström of Melancholy), 1995 (Czech TV & Destination Lofoten A/S, realized in 1995), Příběhy a záhady Arktidy (Myths and Mysteries of Arktida), 2000 (Czech TV & The History Television Canada & 4 Square Production Canada Ltd., under negotiations). His editorial activity is important as well — Nekonečný let nešťastného Orla (Endless Flight of the Unhappy Eagle), Lidové noviny, 1997, Nepříliš studené pobřeží — Špicberky (The Coast Not So Cold — Svalbard), Koktejl, 1999, Záhady Arktidy (Mysteries of Arktida), Koktejl, 2001, Příběhy Arktidy (Stories of Arktida), will be published in Koktejl 2003, Magnum Sal aneb Příběhy z podzemí (Magnum Sal or Stories From Underground), will be published in Koktejl 2003. He also takes photographs and exhibits them in numerous individual exhibitions — KOUZLO SEVERU (Magic of North), Klub Malaché, Prague, January 2000, SEVERSKÉ MOTIVY (Northern Motives), Literární kavárna G+G, Prague, April 2000, MELANCHOLIE SEVERU (Melancholy of North), Exhibition Hall Vodní zdroje Chrudim, March 2001 and in a collective exhibition — OSTROVY (Islands), Galleri Kaponjären — Rindö Redutt, Stockholm, August 1999. He spent a lot of time in polar and north areas — Lofoten Islands and northern Norway, 1993, 1995 and 1999, Svalbard — expedition, 1997, Iceland and Faer Islands, 1998. LOFOTEN — PHOTOGALLERY

A photography by Vladimír Vojíř Lofoten — Flagstadøya was token as a base for graphic design for Days of Norwegian Culture in Slaný 2003.


The admission is free to all actions of the Days of Norwegian Culture in Slaný except actions marked in text.


Days of Norwegian culture in Slaný are arranged by: Royal Town of Slaný, UMOE Schat-Harding, spol. s r. o., and Nordic Society.

Programm of Days of Norwegian Culture in PDF format:

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